Bridesmaid Dresses Inspiration

It is easy to choose a suitable bridesmaid dress for only one bridesmaid. Things will get difficult if you invite several bridesmaids.
Color preferences, styles, figure types of your bridesmaids should all be taken into account. The following offers a few smart choices on choosing
perfectly matching bridesmaid dresses.

Rainbow Bridesmaid Dresses: One Style Fits All

Bright colors are generally more flattering, while pastel hues might look great on girls with fair complexions. Your bridesmaids must have their own opinions on color choice. Why not have each of them in a different color of the rainbow? Everyone can be colored with her favorite hue. How wonderful a row of identically dressed bridesmaids in rainbow colors are!

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Different Styles in Same Color

The same color creates a unifying look, while different styles retain individuality and flexibility. The wedding theme determines the unified color of the coordinated suits. Your bridesmaids select the most suitable ones from various styles.

Attractive strapless displays femininity
Asymmetrical one-shoulder shows elegance
Delicate halter conveys individuality
Sexy V-neck creates maturity


Agreement on both style and color can also preserve personalities for your bridesmaids. Here, the
personality lies on the differences in length. It still looks harmonious although some are in full length skirts
while others in short mini dresses.

Short bridesmaid dress looks sweet and lovely, giving a sexy show of the slim legs.
Floor length bridesmaid dress expresses elegance and grace, hiding the fleshy legs.

Same Color Scheme

Picking a color scheme and working within that parameter create a cohesive and attractive "line-up" of the wedding party. Bridesmaid dresses in that palette could form uniformity within the wedding theme.

bridesmaid dresses for a blue wedding
light blue, sky blue, royal blue, navy blue, dark blue
bridesmaid dresses for a green wedding
apple green, forest green, lawn green, lime green, olive
bridesmaid dresses for a purple wedding
fuchsia, indigo, lavender, orchid, purple, violet

Differences in Embellishment

The specialness of a dress sometimes
depends on a detailed embellishment, like
a sash, a bow accent, or a handmade
flower. Therefore, different
embellishments on identical bridesmaid
dresses will create a unified bridesmaid
queue with individual colors.

uniformity in style and color
different embellishments
your satisfaction on wedding theme
and your bridesmaids' pursuits on


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