New Arrivals: Superfine Nu Bras with Enchanting Fascination

If you going to attend a special occasion with a charming strapless or backless dress, ordinary bra will be no longer suitable, because the straps or the back of the bra will be revealed. In order to avoid this embarrassing situation, many women try to avoid strapless and backless dresses. In fact, this is unnecessary. What you need is a nu bra. This nu bra can not only give a good shape of your breasts, but also have no strap and back to be revealed. Let’s appreciate some new-arrival nu bras.

Free Shipping Strapless Backless Nu Bra with Heart-Shaped Beading

Look at this fashionable and high-quality nu bra. Sweetheart-shaped beading accent reveals low-key luxury. The natural glue makes it attach onto skin without any shoulder straps and buckles. Its unique mold cup without silicon on areola carefully protects breast health. You can also enjoy its good breathability.

Free Shipping Strapless Backless Lace Plaid Nu Bra

This one has some similarities with the above one, such as natural glue, unique mold cup without silicon on areola, and good breathability. It features delicate plaid and lace trim for an attractive style and adorable fascination.

Free Shipping Strapless Backless Lace Nu Bra

This strapless and backless nu bra can also attach onto skin with the help of natural glue. Fashionable glossy satin with luxuriant lace accents reveals mature and sexy fascination.

Besides of these three, we also have many other types. With these superfine nu bras, your curve will be more attractive. These nu bras with enchanting fascination are indispensible for your strapless and backless dress. Now, all these nu bras are offered with free shipping. Why are you still hesitating? Come and fine one to perfect your glamorous dress.

04. June 2012 by Cici
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